Set Yourself Up For Success


At the beginning of each day I’ve been trying to wake up and put myself in the right frame of mind for the day.  I want to make sure I’m setting myself up for a great day by starting with a positive mindset.  That might mean listening to an upbeat song, doing a few yoga flows, or spending an extra few minutes preparing my breakfast so that it’s just right–find what centers you and prepares you for the day ahead.


In addition to this mindset, I also want to start with an intention for every day.  Today in particular, I have chosen to focus on remaining levelheaded.  By staying calm, I can better control stress and frustration.  Some other good intentions may be mindfully refraining from saying something negative that day, regardless of the subject.  Maybe you want to focus on being present all day.  Whatever your intention, write it down somewhere to solidify it.  I’d love to know if any of you decide to implement this in your life, or what else you like to do to start your day!


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