Nashville: Centennial Park and Coffee Shops


Fact: The face on Athena’s shield was modeled after Sophia.


Hey Everyone! Hope you’re day is going great! 🙂 So this day my sister, Sophia, and I spent the afternoon at Centennial Park and a coffee shop called Three Brothers Coffee.  We walked around the riverfront and all over the parthenon.  I didn’t have cash on me, but thankfully Sophia was generous enough to pay for us to both get into the building and see the gigantic statue of Athena.  Not only was Athena absolutely stunning in size and gold detailing, but we were also both freaking out about the fact Percy Jackson had filmed there…

The coffee shop was also adorable.  The little black and white hallway was outside, but on the inside they had some really neat pictures and memorabilia hanging on the walls.  Not to mention the coffee was delicious! I got an iced latte with hazelnut.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!



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